Princess with a Princess Photography

An Experience by Still Poetry Photography

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Celebrate the strength, beauty, and confidence of your young princess.

Princesses are leaders. They use their passion, strength, kindness, and intelligence to be the change they want to see in the world.
Give your princess a session where she gets to meet her favorite princess. These sessions are meant to inspire and empower confidence. From getting crowned to walking alongside their idol, give them the gift of confidence: a lesson they won't soon forget.

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Choose your child's favorite princess:

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We also have:
- Belle (Ballgown & Reading dress)
- Wonder Woman
- Anna the Snow Princess
- The Sleeping Princess Aurora
- Alice from Wonderland

The Ice Queen

Princess with a Princess Photography:
The Still Poetry Photography Experience

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Getting Started

You have a young princess in your life who would love to meet a real-life princess. Whether it's for a birthday gift or just as a special occasion, it's time to sign up for your session. Gifting a session? Order a Still Poetry Photography gift card to send to the princess's parent. They can then use that amount towards their session.

If you're sending an inquiry, let us know (1) your princess's age and name, (2) what princess they want to meet, (3) a range of dates you'd like to schedule the princess meeting.


Let's Book It

After you contact us, Sarah will get back to you ASAP (sometimes within a matter of minutes). She'll have to talk with our resident princess to see when she'll be able to get away from the castle to meet her new friend.

We'll talk about your princess's interests, passions, and what she loves about the princess she's about to meet. We'll incorporate all of that into her session to make it as magical as possible.

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Session Time

The day of your session has arrived! It's time to make some magic!

Bring your princess dressed in her very best (or talk with us about borrowing from our princess closet!). During your visit, the princesses will talk together, walk together, pose together, and she will even get crowned by an official princess with a crown she gets to keep!



The Final Product

Once our princesses have said good-bye, the magic isn't over yet. Sarah will take the photos home and edit them into something truly special: memories of the time your child met a princess.

If you'd like, you can order a book with your princess as the star; it will feature a story and photos from your session that talks about how strong and special your child is.

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Get started by contacting us today.

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(Pst...there's no age limit on royalty. Parents, check out our glamour sessions so you can feel like a queen or king!)