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East Coast photographers in the business of capturing memories that last a lifetime.

define still poetry photography: the inverse of poetry in motion. 

Our lives are poetry in motion. Still Poetry Photography captures moments - the fractions of a second required to make a photograph - to tell a story. A baby falling asleep in her mother's arms. A child jumping into the crashing waves with unadulterated joy. The groom's tear drop as his partner walks down the aisle. Existence is art. Let us tell your story.

Hey, there!

I've been in your shoes.
You're about to hit an important milestone: wedding,, the birth of your new baby, family reunion. You need to capture that moment with photography.
The only problem? The thought of standing in front of a camera makes your skin crawl.
I've been there. 
I know what it's like to be anxious in front of a camera. But I'm going to make you a promise.
It's going to be okay. 
Taking the time to get to know your photographer will make you feel more relaxed in front of a lens. So let me tell you a few things about me.
I love animals. I live on a rescue homestead and have 2 dogs, a cat, 3 rabbits, 2 sugar gliders, a bearded dragon, chickens, and peacocks. I love to write poetry. I'm neurodivergent and queer. I love my husband. I love empowering women. I love drawing and crafting. 
And most of all, I love what I do. I love taking people who are nervous in front of the camera and making them feel empowered and confident. 

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@Erica Danile Photography

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Sarah Margaret Henry

Photographer, Founder, & Creative Director

Sarah Margaret Henry is the face of and creative mind behind Still Poetry Photography. She does everything from answering emails to designing the website to running shoots and everything in between. She graduated magna cum laude with a dual bachelor's degree in English and Communications, and outside of her photography duties, she is the author of intricacies are just cracks in the wall, and the founder of Creative Haven Homestead, a small rescue sanctuary promoting education around adoption advocacy and sustainable living.

Justin Witters

CTO & Second Shooter

Justin Witters runs the technical side of Still Poetry Photography. He is in charge of gear acquisition, technical upgrades, and keeping Sarah sane. For weddings, he acts as second shooter, allowing the company to capture every moment of your special day with the care only a wife and husband team can provide.

He shows up to shoots when he can to wrangle dogs and entertain the little ones when he isn't working his full time job at Bohler as a Senior Design Engineer.

Justin Witters Delawware Photographer

Our Story


Allyse Pulliam Photography

Before we became a Delaware photography company, we were two college freshman who had never met. On the first day of Welcome Week, I attended an honors brunch. During the opening remarks, a professor jokingly mentioned that "your future husband or wife might be in this room!" I rolled my eyes aggressively. While I loathe admitting that I was wrong, I discovered years later that Justin was in the very same room when the professor made that remark.

We began dating September of sophomore year. That December, I experienced life-threatening health problems that landed me in the hospital for months. Justin drove back and forth to the hospital, an hour each way, during finals week to make sure his girlfriend of 3 months was okay. Ever since that experience, we knew we were meant to be together forever.

On December 27, 2020, we eloped in my parents' home. This decision sparked and shaped our love of elopement planning and photographing.

While Still Poetry Photography is my company, it would not exist without Justin. He supports in both tangible and intangible ways. He runs our tech, from building me a desktop to managing our extensive list of camera gear. But he also supports me as I make big decisions for this company and work way too long into the night.

Still Poetry Photography is more than a Delaware photography company. It's a passion and labor of love between a wife and husband team that can't get enough of each other.

Whether you're looking for Delaware beach photography for your next family vacation or need a photography team that can capture every moment of your New York wedding, Still Poetry Photography is here to help.

This Delaware-based photography company serves the East Coast with pride by offering incredible images and a fun-filled session experience. Even if you feel camera shy, Still Poetry Photography is here to make you feel beautiful, confident, and radiant during your session.

- Sarah Henry

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@Erica Danile Photography

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@AM Cherry Photography

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Sarah isn't just a photographer! She's also an author. 

Enjoy her published work of feminist poetry!

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