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Delaware & Maryland Boudoir Photography

Are you sick and tired of boudoir photography that...
- panders to the cis-male gaze?
- only features able-bodied people?
- just showcases skinny, white, cis women?
- doesn't uplift queer identities?
- isn't trauma-informed?
- is one-size-fits all?

This queer, neurodivergent, disabled, fat photographer does things differently.

Erica Danile Photography-28.jpg

(Like offering an emotional support dog during your session. nbd)

Hi, I'm Sarah!

It's me,

Photo by Erica Danile Photography

Say yes to Size inclusive, gender affirming boudoir photography tailored to your body and your rules.

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Kelley was one of my elopement brides in 2022. Her wedding was the first one I had the privilege to officiate! So when she came back in 2023 looking for an elegant maternity boudoir session complete with a citrus milk bath and flower field, I couldn't have been more excited to make that happen.

Kelley SMM Boudoir (1 of 1).jpg



Britt wanted a boudoir session to celebrate xir 30th birthday in luxury. Xe wanted something whimsical, fun, and true to xir style, while accentuating the femme side of xir non-binary identity. I picked out Solstice from the client closet and it matched the tiara xe brought perfectly!
Britt has so many more incredible photos inside the cottage studio, but those are for xir and xir's partners eyes only!

Britt SMM.jpg

Here's what Britt had to say about our session!

"11/10 stars actually! Amazing, amazing, amazing! From the very first consultation through the day of the shoot Sarah H. and team were amazing at communication and keeping me in the loop with all plans and changes. I felt beautiful and awesome like a flippin' goddess during the shoot thanks to Sarah H. helping me stay outta my head, the hair and make up artist's stellar skills and the amazing Ashes & Embers dress from the client closet. Plus the shoot location was literally picturesque. It was an amazing day I will remember for years and years and the photos came out AMAZING (have I said amazing enough yet?)."




Sam met me at Pride, and after letting me take her family's portraits, she stepped out of her comfort zone and booked a boudoir session! Her last experience with a boudoir session wasn't the affirming experience she was hoping for, but we set the record straight with this session; she's a gorgeous human both inside and out (and now she's got the pics to prove it).




Josephine was excited to capture the glow of her second pregnancy with an unforgettable boudoir session. And my goodness, what a beautiful mom!
I then had the privilege of being her birth photographer. What an incredible opportunity to explore the different types of beauty that people can embody!

Josephine Mitchell Birth.jpg



Harley (Dr. Harley Honey on Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok) was looking for more creative content for their Only Fans page. They're agoraphobic, so I suggested we try a pool boudoir session so they were more comfortable. They knocked it out of the park!


Starting to see a pattern?

None of our sessions are the same.
Because none of our clients are the same.

Dev - Siren Session (1 of 1)-5.jpg

So here's how this works.

Step #1: Decide you're ready to look absolutely incredible in some photos and invest in your self-love journey. 

Step #2: Reach out and book that consultation call, babe. Let's talk. Tell me what you love about yourself, what you want to convey with your session, and any ideas you have, and we'll bring those concepts to life.

Step #3: Pick your art package and decide on your custom payment plan.

Step #4: Show up to your appointment and let us take care of literally everything else.

Step #5: Strike a pose (but don't worry. We'll tell you exactly how to do that, too).

Step #6: Stay for your same day reveal where you pick your faves to commemorate as art.

Step #7: Sit back, relax, let us handle the editing and product ordering to ship directly to your home. That gives your more time to decide on the next quest for your self-love journey.

Getting a little anxious about putting yourself out there?
Let's take a breather while I tell you more about me.

Hey, you! It's me, Sarah. Let's break the ice a bit.
I'm bi and neurodivergent, and my pronouns are she/her. I live on a rescue homestead that I run with my husband, which currently features two dogs, a cat, three rabbits, a bearded dragon, two sugar gliders, chickens, and a bonded peacock pair (that you can pose with during your boudoir session, btw). During college, I picked up two degrees, my love of photography, and my very cute husband. 
I grew up with a very distorted view of my body, and it's taken me an awful lot of time to appreciate it and love it for all the wonderful things it does for me. So if you're walking into this experience with body dysmorphia, know that I've walked that road before.
I didn't realize that there was a photography genre that incorporated my love of making people feel empowered and filled with self-love and compassion. And then I found boudoir.
Boudoir as a creative field has SO much potential, but I find that many companies miss the mark. They churn out sessions that all look pretty much the same. They make everyone do the same poses, and they only showcase photos of young, thin, cis, white women.
And I think that's bullshit.
Once you make the decision to love yourself, you rob so many systems that profit, either tangibly or intangibly, off of your self-hate.
In this world, it's a radical act to love yourself.

sarah with camera as a kid_edited.jpg

That's me! Junior bridesmaid AND photographer. Already an overachiever.

Sarah & Boopsie-.jpg
Erica Danile Photography-48.jpg

Photo by Erica Danile Photography

couture client closet options

Not everyone has couture clothing just hanging out in their closet that they can whip out at a moment's notice for a boudoir session. 
That's why we have a size-inclusive couture closet ready for you to borrow for your session! Our Ashes & Embers couture pieces are size inclusive and can fit from size XS to XXXL+.

PNG_still poetry Boudoir_gold.png

The Investment

Putting together an experience this incredible is very time and resource intensive. Making you look and feel incredible is our full-time job, and couture gowns, high-end cameras, custom editing computers, studio rentals and our private studio, our lingerie closet, and the education we invested in to make this experience incredible wasn't cheap.
But who wants cheap nudes and glamour pics?

You're not the free chips and salsa, you're the whole damn enchilada.

So now that we're in the headspace that you're worth it and your self-love journey is worth investing in, let's talk pricing.


We offer 4 different types of payment plans, and you can book your session well in advance to give yourself more time to spread out the payment plan.


The Session Fee
$499 - 599

This retainer covers...
- Our pre-session prep
- Access to our client closet (including our couture gowns!)
- Personalized session styling
- Studio rental fees
- Complimentary hair and make up
- Our shooting time
- Editing
- Your same-day reveal

The retainer covers our base costs of the session, and does not include images.

The art Package

With photos this stunning, you'll need a way to display them!
We have a wide variety of art packages to choose from, and some collections come with pre-payment bonuses, such as...
- Access to angel wings
- Posing with peacocks
- An additional set at the beach
- And more!
Art collections start at $1,499


Not ready to commit to a full session? Want some more time to get to know me and my work? 
Join our Facebook group to be the first to hear about Muse Session and Limited Edition Mini Sessions! Both opportunities offer unique sets and concepts offered at a discount. Sometimes we even have giveaways in there (plus, it's just loads of fun to be a part of). Trans & cis women and non-binary people only (aka, no boys allowed!). Content is slightly femme-leaning, but all non-binary people are welcome.

Shyla Timmons Previews-2.jpg

Questions? Comments? Concerns?
Ready to take the next step on your journey of self-love?

Let's talk.

Let's make some art.

We'll get back to you ASAP!

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