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Gay delaware wedding photographer
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Artistic, Documentary-Style Wedding Photography: Delaware and Beyond

Weddings aren't

So your photography shouldn't be, either.

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nice to meet you!

let's get married.

I'm Sarah Margaret. I'm here to turn your wedding into a work of art.


I’m a neurodivergent, queer, female photographer who captures the intricacies of your wedding day with love and compassion. Nervous about photos? Uncomfortable in front of the camera? We’ve got you. Weddings with us don’t feel like one long photoshoot. We’re telling the story of the day as it happens, not making it feel like a staged production.

What makes us different:

- No jumpscare pricing: Everything you could possibly need to decide on your package option is listed in our investment guide which you can download above!

- Accessible payment plans: The moment you book, you lock in your pricing. So if you book for your 2026 wedding, you'll be paying 2024 pricing. Plus, you can split your payments into monthly installments so you can chip away at your invoice with recurring automatic payments without stress. We even have registry financing, which is pretty awesome.

- Neurodivergent, queer, and woman-owned: Our sessions are crafted with accessibility in mind so that they're fun, relaxing, and shot with the female gaze.

- Trauma-informed: Nervous about your boudoir session? Being in front of the camera makes your skin crawl? We're here to make the process feel like spending time with a friend, not a staged production.

plus, our photos are kinda amazing.

Erica Danile Photography-48.jpg

Me, my husband, and Ken, one of the two peacocks who can strut with you during your boudoir session.

Erica Danile Photography-28.jpg

Meet Winston, our studio's emotional support dog!

FYI: Your WEdding doesn't need to look like everyone else's.

We're huge advocates for creating the wedding you want, not the wedding Pinterest tells you that you should have. Whether you're opting for an elopement or a wedding, we're happy to help you create the wedding you want.

Here are just a few of the unique weddings we've played a part in!


Ceremony followed by a portrait session in a historic clocktower?
Say no more!

Elli & Braeden - SM sized-29.jpg

Adventure elopements on the beach?
You got it.

April & Jenn Wedding-487.jpg

Huge traditional wedding with non-traditional brides?
Let's do this!

Breckenridge Barn wedding photographer

Charming wedding in the countryside with friends and family?
Hell yes!

Gay delaware wedding photographer

Two grooms, a state park, and a brewery reception?
We love it!


Walima after the private ceremony?
We have you covered.

Dani & Brandon-36.jpg

Elegant elopement with Colorado mountains as the backdrop?
Our bags are packed!

cat elopement in maryland

Intimate, low-key elopement featuring the couple's cats? 
More weddings should have cats!

Sophie & Evan Previews - Still Poetry Photography-20.jpg

Fairytale farm wedding with horse-drawn carriages?
Who needs Disney?

Kelley & Josh Wedding - STILL POETRY PHOTOGRAPHY-280_edited.jpg

Intimate wedding in the woods?
Yes, please!

Laura & Tom Previews-4.jpg

Sunset wedding on the sand with only close friends?
We've got formal flip flops on.

delaware elopement venue

Elegant elopement in a rustic cottage surrounded by gardens?
Let's make some magic.

What Clients Say

"This was such a relaxing experience, coming from someone who has never done a photoshoot before, it was thorough and nice. I enjoyed every second of it...She was very accepting and understanding to my needs and discomforts. Everything went smoothly and I will definitely be working with her again. Amazing work, as usual, and amazing performance."

wanna know something even more exciting?
we don't just do weddings.
Here are the wedding-related session options still poetry photography offers.

We know a thing or two about unique weddings.
Because we had one.

We were just like you. We planned the big wedding, went with a beautiful venue, and were prepared to blow most of our budget on feeding our guests.
And then COVID happened.


The world stopped still in March 2020 (which just so happened to be the weekend of my bachelorette party), so we almost immediately pulled the plug on our May wedding. My aunt had just had a double lung transplant, and grandparents on both sides were high risk or immunocompromised. Safety was our #1 priority.
But then I realized, I had a huge weight lifted off my shoulders. I realized that as our wedding date passed, I was sad that I wasn't married to my partner. But I was also sort of happy that I didn't have to put on the performance for 100 people.
We got to November, and we decided that we were sick of not being married to each other anymore. We decided that we were going to plan a microwedding for December.
Two days after Christmas, our families came together (after everyone got negative tests back) to put on the most special wedding I had ever been a part of. My sister had quickly got ordained and married us, my other sister played me down the aisle (i.e. my parents' living room), my grandmothers threw flowers as I walked past, our fathers read historical love letters aloud, and our mothers lit unity candles.
And of course, Winston brought the rings and laid on my dress the whole time.


The best part? We stopped by my aunt's to surprise her. She still got to be a part of our day.

This is what we pulled together in a month while the world was shut down.
Imagine what we could do for you and your beloved.

proposal planning & documentation



Step 1: Tell us all about you and your partner! We’ll help you develop the perfect proposal plan that will wow and surprise them while staying true to your love story.


Step 2: We’ll send you mood and planning boards that plan everything from the timing, location, and where to get down on one knee.


Step 3: We’ll be hiding in plain sight to capture it all with photography & a still video.


Step 4: Once they say yes, we’ll pop over to congratulate you both and begin the engagement session!


Step 5: Wait for your art pieces to arrive while we finish up your final edits and delivery your digital gallery!


Pricing: $1,499 for all-inclusive planning, full digital gallery, still video, and expedited turnaround time for preview gallery for posting