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The Wedding of Amber & Brooklyn: A Rainy Day Elopement on the Border of PA & NJ

queer couple kissing on delaware river bridge

As we always say at Still Poetry Photography, the only way to make a wedding more wonderful is having two brides instead of one. So when Amber reached out about photography for her elopement to her long-distance love Brooklyn, I crossed all my fingers that they would entrust us with telling their love story.

Here's a recap of one of our favorite 2024 weddings to date from your favorite Delaware-based photography team.

Out and Proud: A Custom Engagement Session

Amber and Brooklyn have a unique origin story as a couple; the pair met on TikTok and started out their long distance relationship. They lived several states apart, but they fell in love quickly and deeply. Before a year had even passed, they were already engaged.

Amber booked both a wedding and engagement package with us, but we had a very limited window where we could squeeze the engagement session in. Brooklyn was visiting Delaware for the first time, and we only had a weekend to fit in their photo session.

When planning their custom engagement session, we had to recognize that Amber and Brooklyn have two very different styles. Amber loves a more feminine, dressy look, and Brooklyn feels much more comfortable in jeans and flannel. To make them both comfortable, we created a session that had three parts: a dressy, formal engagement section, a pride flag portion, and a relaxed campfire hangout to wrap up our time together.

queer engagement photos in a forest

Getting Ready

Finally, the day of the elopement arrived! By the time we got on site, Brooklyn was wrapping up her prep. She felt more comfortable being ready to go instead of sitting around unprepared, so she was hanging out in her tux while Amber got ready.

Amber's two friends drove up to celebrate the ceremony with the two lovebirds, so they helped Amber while she was getting ready. Our favorite part about elopements is that while we do create a timeline to keep ourselves organized, there is no sense of rush or urgency. Since it's just you two and maybe some friends or family, you can do basically whatever you want!

elopement getting ready photos with the bride

This flexibility really saved us, because Amber realized she had forgotten some bobby pins to help her complete her hairdo. So we sent Justin, my husband and assistant, to a local convenience store to scour for some hair fixings. These moments are when we're reminded just how helpful it is to have a dedicated assistant on your wedding day! That's why we offer it with all of our wedding packages.

Detail Shots

We've never had a couple that was terribly interested in detail shots until this elopement. Amber specifically requested that she wanted a decent amount of time dedicated to crafting those really artsy detail photos, so of course we rose to the challenge!

I've never shot a wedding that had so many rings to play with. Amber and Brooklyn brought their own rings (two for Brooklyn, two for Amber), and they also brought along Brooklyn's grandparents' rings as their "something borrowed" items. We experimented with different ways to incorporate all of those rings into the jewelry shots of the gallery.

Plus, Amber had these absolutely stunning shoes that we definitely had to include!

elopement detail photos

The First Look

queer elopement first look and first touch

Amber and Brooklyn booked a suite at The Bridgeton House, a gorgeous Bed and Breakfast along the part of the Delaware River that separates Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Not only did they get the whole downstairs of the second building to themselves, but they had a little private garden with a view of the river as well. This was the perfect location for both their ceremony and the first look.

Amber really wanted a first look, but she also wanted to have a special first touch moment. Brooklyn used to have a golden cross that was extremely sentimental to her, so Amber found one to gift her as a replacement. Brooklyn absolutely loved it, and we loved seeing her face when opening it.

And when they finally turned around to see each other, neither of them could stop smiling.

Since they were just on the edge of their private garden wall, some other B and B guests shouted over that they both looked amazing and gave them congratulations on their big day!

The Ceremony

You simply could not pick a better spot for a ceremony. The garden, the river, the Bridgeton House behind them, and their whole future ahead of them: Amber and Brooklyn truly started their marriage in a beautiful way.

Their closest friends watched on as they shared vows and braided three strands together to symbolize their devotion to each other and God.

Once they kissed, we all burst into cheers (led by me...because I love love).

elopement ceremony photos at the bridgeton house in upper eddy pennsylvania

After some quick group formals by the bridge, it was time to bust out the cake and champagne to celebrate!

Even though there were only two guests and a plus one, we still tossed the bouquet, because who doesn't want the chance to toss some pretty flowers?

elopement photos after the ceremony

And I know you were wondering, and yes; the cake was just as delicious as it looked.

Couple's Portraits

After Amber and Brooklyn thanked their friends for joining them for such a special day, it was time for the couple to enjoy their newlywed bliss together with some couples portraits. There was no shortage of beautiful places to take photos. We even braved the sprinkling rain to grab some photos on the bridge that connected PA and NJ over the Delaware River.

And it was totally worth it.

couple photos after the elopement at the bridgeton house in upper eddy pa

Post-Elopement Celebration

Once again, the flexibility that you get from an elopement is unmatched. We planned to head to an art festival, but once we arrived, Amber and Brooklyn decided it wasn't their vibe. So I recommended we just pop into one of the restaurants nearby for some celebratory food and drink. The closest spot we found was a little Mexican restaurant, so we rung in their new marriage with Jarritos and queso. What more could you want out of your elopement day?

casual post elopement celebration at a mexican restaurant

Ready for Your East Coast Elopement? Let These Delaware Elopement Photographers Do the Heavy Lifting!

Elopements are such an amazing options for people who don't want their wedding day to look like everyone else's. But sometimes when you have freedom to do whatever you want, then options can become extremely overwhelming.

That's where Still Poetry Photography comes in.

Whether you want your elopement to just be hanging out in the living room with your cats or going on a multi-day adventure with your future spouse, we're here to take care of everything. We plan, coordinate, officiate, photograph, and record the whole day, all while making it a fun experience that doesn't feel like an 8 hour photoshoot.

Does that sound like your vibe? Schedule a call to meet with us!


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