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How to Plan the Perfect Proposal

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Calling all Delaware couples! Are you planning a proposal? We know how big of a step that is for your relationship, so we want to provide you with some help along the way. Whether you just started thinking about how you’re going to pop the question or you already have the ring and are just waiting for the right moment, these tips can help make sure your proposal is one you and your partner won’t forget.

Preparing to Propose

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Before you get too far into planning, you should make sure you cover a few bases first. Some important questions to ask yourself include:

  • Should I get a family member’s blessing before I propose?

  • Do we want to pick out the engagement ring together as a couple?

Different people have varying opinions on the above topics, but your proposal should be personal to you and your partner. If you know having a blessing is important to them, then you should make sure to talk to their family prior to enacting your proposal plans. But some people don’t want to frame it like they’re asking permission. Still Poetry Photography’s founder’s partner, Justin, talked to Sarah’s family ahead of time to let them know he was planning on proposing. That way they still felt involved, but Sarah didn’t feel like her parents were giving her away.

When it comes to rings, many people are traditional and like to be surprised at their engagement with the ring their partner chose for them. Others, though, are very particular about their jewelry and want to be involved in the selection process! These details should be considered first before you continue with your planning as they can alter the timeline for your proposal.

If you already have a specific date in mind (like an anniversary) and have not yet purchased a ring but are planning to, make sure you leave enough time to procure the ring. How long does it take to get an engagement ring? If all of the stars align and the exact size of an exact ring you want is available in stores, you could walk out with your ring fairly easily. If the ring you want needs to be shipped, or even hand-crafted and then shipped, you are looking at a longer wait time. Make sure you are prepared to wait for the perfect ring!

Picking the Proposal Location, Date, and Time

rockefeller center engagement session and proposal

Let’s get into some logistics. These details will set the tone for your entire proposal. Start by imagining your proposal in your head: is it a grand gesture or a more intimate moment?

Do you surprise your partner with all of your friends and family at the engagement or is it a shared moment just between the two of you?

As you are thinking of these questions, you will get a better sense of how you want your proposal to go.

Picking the perfect location can enhance your proposal.

Do you have any locations that are meaningful and personal to your relationship? Think about your relationship and if there are any special memories you want to recreate as you are proposing. Perhaps you want to go back to where you met, had your first date, or where you take daily romantic walks together. If you are sentimental, choosing a place with a personal connection to your relationship will make your proposal all the more special. But you can still create a magical experience in a new location as well. You could completely surprise your partner and take them on an adventure to somewhere new before you pop the question.

Do you both love being out in nature? Take your partner on a hike and propose at the top of a mountain.

Do you both enjoy the sun and sand? Take your partner on a walk along a beach before getting down on one knee.

The opportunities are endless! If you are struggling to figure out a location on your own, Delaware engagements are kind of our thing. We can help suggest beautiful locations for you throughout the Eastern Shore.

Once you have an idea of a location, you can start to nail down the date and time. You could choose to use a special date like an anniversary, holiday, or birthday to add sentimental value. You can create a new date that you and your partner can cherish. As you are thinking about the location and date, it will help you determine the timing as well. For example, if you are recreating your first date that was a lunch picnic, you should have the timing match that for your engagement. If your location is along the beach, consider proposing during “golden hour” or as the sun is setting for some gorgeous views. This is your chance to craft the perfect moment to ask your partner to spend the rest of your lives together, so make it into the moment you think will be quintessential for you as a couple.

Setting up the Cover Story

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To help keep your proposal a surprise, you’ll need to come up with a reason to get your partner to the right spot without giving away your plans. With all good surprises comes a good cover story! Enlist the help of friends and family to help create a believable reason for your partner to be dressed up and ready to go to the location you’ve picked. Your cover story could be anything, but make sure it is something your partner wouldn’t think is completely out of the question. Maybe you are meeting another couple for dinner and drinks at a fancy restaurant and take a walk down the beach beforehand. Or maybe you are going to a work event that requires dressing up, but you actually end up at the restaurant you had your first date at. However you choose to spin your story, as the moment approaches try to act natural on the way to your location in order to keep the surprise going!

Still Poetry Photography's owner Sarah was once asked to help mastermind a proposal at the Rockefeller Tree. She told the proposer to tell his girlfriend that they were meeting a tour guide for a private tour. Sarah created a fake ID badge and everything. She posed as the tour guide and said to start off the tour, let's take a photo! And that's when he popped the question.

With a crafty photographer, you can really create something special!

Photographing your Proposal

couple kissing at night in Lewes Delaware, delaware proposal photography
The right photographer can handle any lighting conditions. Zach wanted to propose at 7:00pm in the winter, so we brought a flash and made it happen!

After everything else is planned and set in motion, you don’t want to forget an important step: securing a photographer for your engagement! Capturing your proposal will not only preserve this special memory for you, but it allows you to share it with your family and friends. Proposals are candid moments between two individuals filled with tears, laughter, and lots of love. However, they can be over in the blink of an eye. You will want to be able to go back and relive those memories through pictures and/or video, which is where having a Delaware engagement photographer comes in handy.

What Comes Next?

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Are you still feeling nervous about planning a proposal? We have got you covered! Still Poetry Photography has the perfect package for proposals. With the “Capture the Moment” Proposal Package, we can provide you with comprehensive proposal planning in addition to capturing your entire proposal on camera and video. This even includes an engagement session post-proposal! And if that is still not enough for you, we offer add-ons that include a highlight video, event coverage for any after-proposal celebrations, and an art package to cover all of your print, canvas, and album desires.

What are you waiting for? Regardless of where you are in the planning process, we want to help you create the perfect proposal. Contact us here to start that conversation! We also know a thing or two about Delaware beach weddings, so keep us in mind as you plan your wedding day as well. Packages are available that encapsulate all of your proposal, engagement, and wedding needs!


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