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Best Locations for a Delaware Beach Family Photography Session

Updated: Jun 22, 2023

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From Memorial Day to Labor Day, Delaware photographers need to gear up for beach family photoshoot season. As a Delaware photographer myself, it’s hands down my busiest time of year, even if you exclude my jobs as a Delaware wedding photographer. The population of Rehoboth Beach, Delaware skyrockets over the summer as families surge to the beach for some relaxation.

Beach family photography has become incredibly popular. Not only do you get to capture memories from your vacation, beach pictures look great on a Christmas card.

So if you’re headed to a Delaware beach for your vacation this year, here are the best Delaware beach options for your beach family photography session.

Best Delaware Family Beach Photography Locations

Before you search for “lifestyle photographers near me,” think about what location you’d like to have as a backdrop for your family beach photography session.

And it’s not just a question of what’s the nicest beach in Delaware. There are many factors to consider, from how busy it will be to accessibility for members of your family that have mobility limitations.

Here are the best places to get beach pictures in Delaware from a photographer’s perspective.

What I Don't Recommend: Rehoboth Beach, Delaware

At the height of the beach season, I never recommend Rehoboth Beach. Unless you want 800 people in the background of your lovely family photos, this location is much too crowded.

However, if you get the shoot done on a week day or before Memorial Day and after Labor Day, Rehoboth is a viable option.

One nice thing about this location is the boardwalk, which is not present in my number one pick. If you want cute beach family photography of your family grabbing ice cream cones together at Kohr Bros. Frozen Custard, Rehoboth gives you that option. If you want a natural landscape with a lot of variety in scenery and reprieve from the beach traffic, I implore you: do not pick Rehoboth Beach.

Little girl in white dress eating ice cream, Rehoboth delaware family photos, Best delaware family photographer - Still Poetry Photography

3. Fenwick Island State Park

I've noticed that state parks generally have (1) less people, (2) more nature, (3) more photo backgrounds. At a lot of beaches, all you have is sand and the ocean. At places like Fenwick, you have some really nice dune options for posing, plus an aesthetic walkway up to the beach.

2. Your Private Beach

Depending on where you are staying, you might have access to a private beach. Places like the Coastal Club in Lewes or even AirBnBs in Bethany Beach, Delaware or Dewey Beach, Delaware have access points for private beaches that you can walk to from your house. These private beaches have the benefits of decreased foot traffic, and if you're bringing little ones, staying close to home will be less overwhelming.

Delaware family photography, Bethany beach photography - Still Poetry Photography

1. Cape Henlopen State Park

Without fail, I will always recommend Cape Henlopen State Park as my number 1 Delaware beach photography spot. This Delaware beach wins this place in my heart for multiple reasons.

First, it is not crowded. It's a hidden gem in Lewes, and if you want photos with wide open spaces with no one behind you, you've got to pick this spot.

And less people means less stress for overwhelmed little ones you might bring along.

Cape Henlopen Park Delaware, Best delaware family photographer - Still Poetry Photography

Second, there is so much variety when it comes to the scenery. You have a wooded area, an overlook, wide open beach, and craggy rocks to sit on, and that's just at the one beach I always pick.

Family with 3 kids sitting on rocks, Delaware beach photographer, Delaware family photography

Third, the park has a variety of beach options to choose from. I always choose Herring Point, but there are other beaches that have more accessibility options if you need to consider mobility issues.

Couple on rocky beach, Delaware family photos, Cape Henlopen, Delaware beach photographer

Fourth, it's dog friendly! If you're bringing your dog along for your beach family photoshoot (which I always recommend you do), you can at Cape Henlopen. During peak season, Rehoboth does not let you have dogs on the beach.

Group of Basset Hounds on sand, Delaware beach family photography, Delaware family photos - Still Poetry Photography

The Most Important Beach Family Photography Tip

Once you've picked a beach, you still have some major decisions to make.

The most important one? Which Delaware photographer you choose to capture your family's memories.

You want to pick someone that will give you and your family and fun experience. Lots of people drag their feet when it comes to booking a photo session.

Isn't it going to be stressful? Won't the kids hate it? Won't it be chaotic?

Well, it will be chaotic no matter what, but if you pick the right photographer, it can be a fun part of your Delaware vacation experience.

Still Poetry Photography makes sure you feel comfortable and confident during your session, all while helping you capture aesthetic photos of your family. If you're searching for the right Delaware photographer for you, reach out to see if Still Poetry Photography has availability for you and your family during your vacation!


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