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Theresa's Beach Family Photography Session: Sprinting Straight Into the Ocean

Updated: Dec 28, 2022

As a Delaware family photographer, I get to work with a lot of wonderful people. Generally, most sessions begin the same way. By the end, I get to see everyone's personality shine through.

Theresa's family session started out like every other session: an adorable family dressed in blues and whites, ready to smile.

Well, mostly ready to smile.

We had a grumpy baby who had a pretty dire case of serious face. But Theresa told me that's to be expected. She always has a grumpy face when people take her portrait. Even their usual photographer back home could rarely coax a smile out of her.

Good thing that babies always look cute no matter what!

We cycled through our usual portrait poses. As a Delaware photographer, I like to make sure we cover all possible groupings. That way everyone has their Christmas cards covered.

Then we get the walking photos, sitting photos, all your usual "a day in the life" photography Delaware beaches session poses.

Once we get the formals out of the way, it's time to head to the waterfront. I let the kids dip their toes in and run around to get their energy out. It always makes for the best candid photos.

It's always fun to do some walking photos by the waves as well.

Up until now, the session went smoothly as usual. And then I discovered just how fun this family really is. By the end of the session, almost everyone was dripping from head to toe. Mom, aunt, and two sons all dove head first into the waves. They weren't afraid to get completely soaked! It made for some of the best candids of all time.

Usually I can get the kids to run around without a problem, but the mom and aunt couldn't be stopped! They wanted to have just as much fun as their kids. It was absolutely awesome to watch everyone let go and have a good time.

If you were going to get Delaware photography taken during your beach vacation, would you be able to be as free and fun as this family? I sure hope so! I love being a Delaware family photographer because of moments like this.

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