Valentine's Day Photoshoot Ideas: The Perfect Gift for Your Partner

Updated: Mar 2

Whether you've been married for years or you've only just started dating, Valentine's Day puts the pressure on you to get the perfect gift. What if instead of a physical gift, you could give them a memory? Hiring a photographer for a Valentine's Day photoshoot is such a romantic gesture. Contrary to popular belief, you don't need to be engaged or celebrate a milestone to have a photoshoot. Valentine's Day gives you the perfect excuse to capture memories with your beloved for no other reason than your love for them.

While your photographer should work with you to get the perfect shot, here are some Valentine's Day photoshoot ideas for poses so you feel prepared for your close up.

Valentine's Day Photoshoot Ideas for Poses

For your couples Valentine's Day photoshoot, you want to find poses that feel natural to you. Some of the classic Valentine's picture ideas work great for some couples, but could make you two feel totally awkward. And no matter how cute the pose is, how uncomfortable you feel will always show in your face. If you don't like a pose, make it your own! Or completely abandon it and try something new altogether.

So here are some suggestions for Valentine's Day photoshoot ideas to inspire your own couples pictures!

1. The Forehead Kiss

I always tell couples that "your forehead is going to feel so loved by the end of this session."

There's something so thoughtful and sweet in a forehead kiss picture. Not everyone feels comfortable kissing on camera, but a simple forehead kiss feels so intimate without being too much of an extreme PDA.

2. The Hands on Shoulders Pose

Imagine that you're doing the middle school slow dance pose. Now give one person something to lean on and boom! Perfect Valentine picture.

3. The Almost Kiss

For this Valentine's photo idea, I like the couple to get real close and have one person tell the other what they love most about them. Capturing that authentic smile is simply perfection.

4. Catch Those Candids

If you're having photoshoot anxiety when trying to come up with cute Valentine pictures, take the stress out of the photoshoot by forgetting it's a photoshoot.

Go do one of your favorite things with your partner and just bring your photographer along.

Capturing you both in your natural element will make for the perfect candid, natural shot.

DIY Valentine's Day Photoshoot

While nothing can replace the expertise and artistry of a professional photographer, you can still get cute Valentine's Day pictures on your own in a pinch!

To get set up, you'll need a camera (this can just be your phone!) and a tripod. If you're just using your phone, you can keep things simple and get a small tripod you can set on a table or outdoor surface.

When looking for a location, think of a place that offers a lot of light. Natural light is the best, and if you can go outside during golden hour, that's even better.

Without getting too technical, giving your camera more light gives it a better chance at getting crisp, clear photos. It has more options to optimize the shot; working in low light situations requires more expertise, and an automatic setting on a phone won't give you great results.

Using the self-timer will allow you to set up your shot before the shutter goes off.

Take this time to experiment with poses. You can go with staged, static poses to start, but then try adding motion to your movements. These Valentine's Day pictures will feel candid and natural.

Try different motions, like twirling your partner as if you're dancing, hugging each other and swaying, or the classic dip.

A dog Valentine's Day photoshoot is sure to make your photos pop. Add your pup to the shot to make everything even more adorable!

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