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Tips for Preparing for Your Boudoir Session from a Delaware Boudoir Photographer

Philly Boudoir Photographer
Model: Harley Honey

Stressed about planning your Delaware boudoir photography session? Don’t be. Investing in yourself and choosing a boudoir photographer you love is one of the best gifts you can give yourself.

It can feel overwhelming when you decide to do boudoir photos. It likely isn’t every day that you strut in lingerie in front of strangers (and if you do, all the power to you! We seriously envy your confidence).

So if you’re looking to schedule a session of boudoir photography in Maryland, Delaware, or Philly, we’re happy to walk you through what you can expect. Let’s talk about what it’s like to prepare to pamper yourself with boudoir photography!

What Is Boudoir Photography?

You might be asking yourself: what is boudoir photography?

It’s actually a more complicated question than you might think. The term “boudoir” comes from the French word for a woman’s dressing room, bedroom, or private sitting room. That’s why you hear Laszlo Cravensworth tell his wife Nadja “let’s retire to the boudoir,” when they want to have some intimate time alone.

The term lends itself to something private and intimate. And that’s why boudoir photography isn’t just lounging around in lingerie. It certainly can be! But it’s more about the attitude and posing than the clothes the model wears (or doesn’t wear).

With Still Poetry Photography, you can have a boudoir session where you remain fully clothed. We have couture gowns for you to wear, and if you want to have a boudoir session just in these elegant gowns, you absolutely can! You can also start out in a couture gown to acclimatize to modeling before we go with the lingerie looks. It’s all about the attitude and tone you set for your shoot. Boudoir photography does not need to be nudes if you don’t want it to be.

Maryland Boudoir Photographer

Preparing For Boudoir Photography

If this is your first time getting ready for a boudoir photography session, it might feel a little overwhelming. But it doesn’t have to be! If you choose the right boudoir photographer, they will make the entire experience run as smoothly as possible.

Before you select your boudoir photographer, you absolutely need to look at their portfolio. Extensively. Make sure they do the type of work you’re looking for. If you love the light and airy look, don’t book a dark and moody photographer. If you want to include erotica in your photos, make sure that’s something your chosen photographer offers.

With us, you’ll have a video consultation so we can talk through your hopes, fears, and expectations for the shoot. We’ll talk through what level of undress you’re comfortable with. We also talk about if there are any particular looks you’re going for. And we always ask what your body goals are for the session. We follow the 2 week rule when editing - if it’ll be gone in 2 weeks (scratches, bumps, and bruises), we’ll edit it out if you’d like - so we aren’t talking about photoshopping away 10 pounds. We’re talking about how you’d like to be posed to give yourself the most flattering angles possible. Most people want to look thinner. But we had a model once who asked to look as wide as possible. I don’t dictate how you want to represent yourself; I just want to help you pursue your vision.

Philly Boudoir Photographer
Model: Harley Honey

Communication Is Key

Entering into this intimate space with someone you don’t know can feel overwhelming. Choosing someone who is a seasoned professional in this line of work can help put your mind at ease. Once you’ve chosen someone that does work that you love, it’s essential that you communicate your needs and wants with them. If you have back problems, let them know. They can make accommodations for you when doing arch-back poses. If you’re nervous about wearing lingerie in front of them, tell them. They can help you through that anxiety by starting the session with more clothing until you get comfortable. If you don’t like the way your nose looks in profile shots, let them know! They can choose poses that you will find flattering.

Boudoir photographers are there to make you feel as confident as possible. Communicate with them before, during, and after. This will give them the ability to serve you in the best way possible.

Boudoir Photographer in Maryland

Packing Your Bag for Your Boudoir Shoot

It’s the day before your boudoir shoot! Aren’t you so excited? Let’s talk about what to bring in your bag so you’re as prepped as possible.

Some photographers will have these items for you. But it’s always best to have back ups or brands you like just in case.

Here are some things you should bring along to your boudoir shoot.

  • Moisturizer/lotion/body oil

  • Hair spray

  • Make up bag

  • Bobby pins

  • Any outfits you want (bring back ups!). Make sure you try these on before you come to make sure they fit the way you want them to.

  • Water bottle

  • Light snacks

  • Makeup wipes

  • Accessories: fish nets, stockings, jewelry, oversized sweaters, your partner’s flannel/hard hat/gaming keyboard/whatever they like to do

Some of these items are not necessary if your photographer offers an HMUA (hair and make up artist). If you’re doing your own styling, you’ll need to bring your own lipstick and mascara at the very least so you can reapply. Your photographer might also have a client closet. Make sure you ask beforehand to know how many outfits you need to bring.

Philly Boudoir Photographer
Model: Liz Morrison

Action Items to Prepare for Boudoir Shoots

A few days before, do any waxing or shaving work you plan on doing. You absolutely do not have to shave if you don’t mind showcasing your body hair. No one can tell you what to do with your body. But if you do choose to remove hair, do it a few days before. That way you don’t have any redness from waxing and any knicks have a chance to heal up from shaving.

The day before, get your nails done if you want to have polished nails! This will help you relax, allow your nail artist to remove calluses, and help you feel your best. A boudoir shoot is a luxury experience. Go all in!

Try on all the outfits you’re bringing so you know they fit. Look in a full length mirror when you try them on to see if they look the way you want them to! Drink a lot of water for the days leading up to your shoot, and try to avoid alcohol.

The Morning of Your Boudoir Session

Philly Boudoir Photographer
Model: Liz Morrison

It’s the big day! This is so exciting!

That morning, eat a light but filling breakfast. You want to feel full, but don’t want to feel bloated. Modeling in boudoir is a lot of work, so you don’t want to do it on an empty stomach.

Moisturize your whole body on the way out the door, and bring along that lotion so you can moisturize as needed at the studio. This will make your skin look amazing in the photos!

Leave earlier than you think you need to. You don’t want to cut into your hair and make up or shooting time. Being early will help you feel relaxed and ready.

Maryland, Philly, and Delaware Boudoir Photography: Lights, Camera, Action

Once you arrive, it’s time to let go. Let go of expectations, stressors, and insecurities. Your photographer will walk you through the whole experience. They don’t expect you to come prepared with poses. They’ll take care of bringing you the best experience possible. All you have to do is show up ready to work with an open mind.

If you are looking for a boudoir photographer in Delaware, Maryland, or the Greater Philadelphia area, we’d love to be considered! Our studio is located in Denton, Maryland, but we’re happy to bring this show on the road and travel to you. Join our group on Facebook to stay updated and be the first to hear about boudoir opportunities!


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