Family Photo Outfit Ideas: 3 Tips to Make Your Beach Family Photos Look Amazing

Rehoboth Beach Delaware Family Photography

One of the most common questions I get as a Delaware beach family photographer as clients are getting ready for a photoshoot is "what should we wear?" I'm here to break down the general guidelines how to prepare for a photoshoot with the best family photo outfits for your session. While it's ultimately up to you to decide what will make the family feel the most confident, here are some tips to get you started as you prepare for your family beach photoshoot.

1. Avoid Matching Family Photoshoot Outfits

For many years, the all-white family photoshoot reigned supreme as the classic beach family photography look.

In my opinion, that look is no longer in style. I think you should save matching photoshoot outfits for bridesmaids in wedding photography.

Beach family photoshoots should look candid and authentic. You don't want the shoot to look like it was rehearsed. No family is perfect, so why should we pretend that we are in photos?

However, feel free to break this rule on family picture outfits if you've got little ones attending the shoot.

Matching baby and toddler outfits? Now that's adorable.

Even then, you'll want to differentiate them a bit.

I loved this shoot below because each of the kids had something that matched, but they still got to have their own unique look. You can pull out the matching pieces for a few shots, and then they get to be themselves in the other photos.

Rehoboth Beach, Delaware beach family photoshoot

2. Pick a Coordinating Color

Instead of selecting completely matching outfits, you can still get a coordinated look by selecting one color as a starting point. Pick one color, and everyone can choose to have one piece in that shade. Then you aren't all completely matching, but you look effortlessly cohesive.

For summer family photo outfits, I recommend blue. It just works so well with the sand and the water, and I think it just looks awesome. And who doesn't have some article of clothing that they like in blue? It's a color that looks great on just about everyone.

Rehoboth Beach, Delaware beach family photoshoot

See how cohesive this family looks? It all works together extremely well, but it doesn't look matchy-matchy or forced. I love this shot!

3. Avoid Bright Colors, Logos, or Busy Patterns

Unless you're doing an editorial shoot with vibrant clothing, don't pick loud colors, logos, or distracting patterns. The reason those work in marketing fashion shots is because the focus needs to be on the clothes, not the models. For beach family photoshoots, the focus needs to be drawn to your faces, your expressions, and your sense of family. The photos can't do that if our eyes get drawn to the clothing first.

So pick neutral colors without patterns. That keeps the focus right where it needs to be. Even with kids' clothing, you want to keep it classy.

Rehoboth Beach, Delaware beach family photoshoot

Family Photo Outfits Should Reflect You

Ultimately, the rules of fashion and photography are useless if they don't make you feel fabulous and confident. These family photo outfit ideas are meant for inspiration, not dictation. Wearing what makes you feel comfortable in front of a camera will give infinitely better photos than strictly sticking to the rules just because some photographer said so. Photoshoots are about capturing memories and expressing yourself. So make sure you're feeling comfy and confident the day of your family beach photoshoot.

If you want to find a photographer that's going to capture your most authentic self with these beach family photoshoot ideas, choose Still Poetry Photography! We make our sessions an all-around fun and stress-free experience. If you're looking for a Delaware beach photographer, wedding photographer, senior portrait photographer, glamour session photographer, and more, reach out to check our availability today!

Rehoboth Beach, Delaware beach family photoshoot